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Dr Aline Guillermet

Research Interests

My broad research interest is in 20th century and contemporary European and American art, in particular figurative practices after modernism, theories of representation, history of photography, and the impact of technological reproduction and mediation on postwar and contemporary art. 

I am currently researching the ways in which digital visual culture has impacted upon painting practices since the 1980s, and the changing status of representation and aesthetic experience in the digital age. 

I co-convene the Digital Cultures Research Group. The group seeks to interrogate aesthetic and political practices that have emerged on digital platforms within the last decades in Europe, Latin America and elsewhere. 


Key Publications

'"Painting like nature": Chance and the Landscape in Gerhard Richter's Overpainted Photographs', Art History, Volume 40, Issue 1 (February 2017), 178–199.

 ‘Memory, Forgetting and the Representation of History in Gerhard Richter’s 18 October 1977’, OwnReality (7), 2014.