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Carl Hogsden

Carl Hogsden

Research Associate, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Departments and Institutes

Archaeology & Anthropology:

Research Interests

Carl Hogsden has extensive experience in developing computer applications for the museum sector. His research interests consider how technology can be used to develop knowledge about collections by generating digital networks involving people, objects and museums. Driven by a background developing computer applications for the museum sector alongside exhibit production and curatorial practice, Carl is fascinated by the challenges of seamlessly representing poly-vocal interpretation in both the physical and internet dimensions of the museum. His work for Artefacts of Encounter seeks a solution for this outcome in the form of a contact network, a space for networked research hubs where ownership and control of information lies with the source, whilst the network is collaboratively produced. Of particular interest, is the notion that such a platform can provide reconsideration of the role of the Internet as contact networks for scalable digital reciprocation and scaffolding for developing trust-building relationships between museums and their communities.