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Dr Frederick Baker

Research Affiliate, Cambridge University Centre for Film and Screen

Director of the Cambridge University - Picturing Austrian Cinema Symposium

Dissemination Researcher, Cambridge University, Digital Schnitzler Project.

Curator and founder of the McDonald Institute Gallery for Digital Archaeology

Co-Director of the Cambridge University Prehistoric Picture Project

Film Director & Producer, Media Europa Ltd, London & Filmbäckerei, Vienna

Office Phone: 0043-664-1811033

Research Interests

Both has a scholar and a filmmaker I am interested in to possibilities offered by digital technologies to expand the language of cinema, both on the screen and in the internet. Updating the concept of 'Expanded Cinema' I have taken film projectors outside the cinema to create and new site specific visual practice called "Projectionism", that was premiered in the feature documentary on the creation of The Third Man (1948), which was shown at the Cannes film festival in 2005 under the title "Shadowing the Third Man" (2005).

Next I created a 360 degree surrond cinema experience called "Ambient Cinema", which has seen the production of a multi-channel surround feature film premiered at the media art Biennale in Seville in 2008.

As a Cambridge trained archaeologist I have brought my filmmaking sensibility and experience back to the discipline, and specifically the study of the Rock-art of the southern Alps. In particular the UNESCO world heritage sites in Valcamonica, Lombardy. Together with Dr Christopher Chippindale  I founded the "Prehistoric Picture Project"(PPP) in 2009. The PPP has worked with the CCSP archaeologists in Valcamonica and the Media Technologists at the University of Applied Sciences in St Polten, Austria, and the Bauhaus University in Weimar, to create an EU funded exhibition of "digital rock-art" called "PITOTI". This is the local dialect word for the rock-art figures  i.e. 'little puppets'. This show will run at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge from the 6.3. - 6.4.2013. At the Triennale in Milan the exhibition drew a total of 22,000 visitors in 5 weeks. A catalogue has appeared in Italian and English, which outlines some of the ways we have used digital animation, gaming, morphing, panoramas and ambient cinema to both research the rock art, and give the public a interactive way into the subject of prehistoric rock-art.

Key Publications

PITOTI. Digital Rock-art from prehistoric Europe: heritage, film, archaeology 2012 (with Dr Christopher Chippindale) Milano, Skira.

Art of Projectionism. 2007. Vienna, Czernin Verlag

In search of the Third Man 2002 (with Brigitte Timmermann). Vienna, Czernin Verlag.