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Dr Francesca Menichellli

Technology and Democracy Research Associate

Departments and Institutes


Research Interests

A smart city is a city where networked infrastructures and ubiquitous computing are built into urban space and extensively deployed for the management of urban systems, thus opening the door to the real-time and/or anticipatory control of activities and people. While in the eyes of smart city advocates this leads to more effective configurations of governance and to cities that are, overall, more open and more transparent, national authorities in the UK are actively supporting smart city initiatives throughout the country for their potential for economic growth. In light of these developments, my research at CRASSH looks at smart city initiatives launched in the United Kingdom to analyse the new coalitions of authority, expertise and capital that are brought together under the umbrella of ‘smart cities’, the new modes of governance that these groupings promote and how these interact with the historical, economical, social and political trajectories of specific locales, all with the aim of contributing to the development of a situated understanding of smart city initiatives.