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Katy Barrett

Katy Barrett

PhD, Board of Longitude

Co-Convener, 'Things' CRASSH Graduate Research Group

Research projects & themes

Board of Longitude (JISC):


Digital Editions:

Departments and Institutes

History & Philosophy of Science:
PhD Student

Research Interests

I work on cultural attitudes to the problem of finding longitude at sea in the eighteenth century, for which I am very reliant on digital resources. I am interested in different ways of making research and collections digitally available and publicly engaging.


Key Publications

- ‘Things are getting complicated’ on
- ‘Writing on, around and about coins: From the eighteenth-century cabinet to the twenty-first century museum, with a database in between’ in Journal of Museum Ethnography 25 (forthcoming 2012)
- ''Explaining' themselves: the Barrington Papers, the Board of Longitude, and the fate of John Harrison' in Notes and Records of the Royal Society 65 (2011)
- ‘Putting Science into Words’: Review of Never Pure by Steven Shapin’ in Endeavour 35.1 (On paper 2011)
- ‘Review of Cabinets for the Curious: Looking Back at Early English Museums by Ken Arnold, in Museum History Journal 3.1 (2010)