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Dr Katherine Boyle

Dr Katherine Boyle

Research Facilitator, Department of Archaeology & Anthropology

Homerton College (Fellow and College Lecturer in Archaeology, Director of Studies HSPS Part I, Part II Archaeology & Biological Anthropology)

Research projects & themes

Digital Mapping:

Departments and Institutes

Archaeology & Anthropology:
Research Facilitator
McDonald Institute:

Research Interests

Digital Humanities interests: GIS and digital mapping in archaeology, landscape reconstruction; simulation and reconstruction of climate change and biodiversity, employing new approaches to analyse digitally archived information.

Key Publications

2007   Changing Biodiversity and Complexity across the Middle-Upper Palaeolithic transition, in P. Mellars, K. Boyle, O. Bar-Yosef & C. Stringer (eds.) Rethinking the Human Revolution. Cambridge: McDonald Institute Monograph Series.

2009  Report on the current state of digitial humanities research and resources at Cambride.

2010    Rethinking the ‘ecological basis of social complexity’, in K Boyle, C. Gamble & O. Bar-Yosef (eds.) The Upper Palaeolithic Revolution in Global Perspective: Essays in Honour of Paul Mellars. (McDonald Institute Monographs.) Cambridge: McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, 137-51.