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Dr Laura Moretti

Dr Laura Moretti

Lecturer in Pre-modern Japanese Studies

Office Phone: 01223335148

Departments and Institutes

Asian & Middle Eastern Studies:
Lecturer in Japanese Pre-modern Studies

Research Interests

My main research project focuses on popular literature in early-modern Japan. In the last few years I have been focussing on the analysis of the under-researched area of seventeenth-century popular prose works and their developments up to the second half of the 19th century. At the moment I am working on a book provisionally titled Read Enjoy Learn. Popular Prose Literature in Seventeenth-century Japan. I have recently started a new project that explores broadsheets produced in early-modern Japan.

Over the years I have been producing critical edition of a variety of Japanese early-modern texts. Times are ripe to explore how the digital medium can be  applied in order to enhance the quality of this kind of critical editions. The project that I have started is named "Challenges of the digital era: critical editions of Japanese early-modern texts in the digital format". It involves the participation of junior and more senior scholars from six different countries and is interdisciplinary in bringing together experts of Japanese early-modern literature, textual scholarship and art.

Preliminary results of this project can be found here.



Key Publications


Recent publications


Journal special issues

2009    Japan Forum 21 (3): guest editor of special issue on ‘Narrativity and fictionality in Edo-period prose literature’, pp. 116.

Academic articles in refereed journals and academic edited volumes

2013  ‘Seventeenth-century popular prose production in the Kamigata region’ (provisional title), in Haruo Shirane (ed.), The Cambridge History of Japanese Literature (by invitation)

2013  Column on hanashibon and karukuchibon, in Haruo Shirane (ed.), The Cambridge History of Japanese Literature (by invitation)

2013  ‘Onna enshi kyōkun kagami and Onna genji kyōkun kagami: sexual education through entertaining parody’, Japan Review (special issue edited by Andrew Gerstle and Timothy Clark - forthcoming).

2012   ‘The Japanese early-modern publishing market unveiled: a survey of Edo-period booksellers’ catalogues’, East Asian Publishing and Society, 2:2, pp. 199-308.

2012    Critical edition of Chikusai ryōji no hyōban 竹斎療治之評判 (1685), in Fukasawa Akio (ed.), Kanazōshi shūsei 仮名草子集成, vol. 48, Tōkyō, Tōkyōdō shuppan.

2011 ‘Kanazōshi revisited: reconsidering the beginnings of Japanese popular literature in print’, Monumenta Nipponica, 65/2, pp. 297-356.

2010  ‘Kinsei bungaku to Ise monogatari – Ise monogatari no mojiri to tsūzokuteki bungaku e no shintō’ 近世文学と『伊勢物語』―『伊勢物語』のもじりと通俗的文学への浸透 (‘Edo-period literature and Ise monogatari – minimal parodies of Ise monogatari and its appropriation in popular literature’), in Yamamoto Tokurō 山本登朗, Ise monogatari kyōju no tenkai 伊勢物語―享受の展開 (‘Ise monogatari. Reception and evolution’), Tokyo, Chikurin, pp. 342-352.

2010    ‘Un rebus di sapienti bugie: Ono no Bakamura uso ji zukushi e la ‘parodia globale’ nella letteratura di periodo Edo’ (Ono no Bakamura uso ji zukushi and the global parody in Edo-period literature), in Un’isola in Levante. Saggio in onore di Adriana Boscaro, ScriptaWeb.

2010  近世初期・前期の散文文学における『伊勢物語』の書き直し、パロディーおよび新展開 (‘Kinsei shoki – zenki no sanbun bungaku ni okeru Ise monogatari no kakinaoshi, parodi oyobi shin tenkai), in Yamamoto Tokurō e Joshua Mostow (eds.), 伊勢物語創造と変容 (Ise monogatari sōzō to hen’yō), Osaka, Izumi shoin, pp. 269-301.

2009    ‘On the edge of narrative: towards a new view of the 17th-century popular prose in print, Japan Forum 21 (3), pp. 325-345.

2009 ‘Blurred boundaries: narrativity and fictionality in Edo-period prose literature’, introduction to the special issue of Japan Forum 21 (3), pp. 299-305.