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Use the links on below to find out more about Digital Humanities researchers and projects based at the University and its affiliated institutions. If you are a postgraduate student or a member of staff and would like to be listed here, please contact us for more details.

Dr Sebastian Ahnert
  • Royal Society University Research Fellow
  • TCM, Cavendish Laboratory
Dr Anne Alexander
  • Co-ordinator, Cambridge Digital Humanities Network
Dr Scott Anthony
  • Fellow of Christ's College
Ms Itxaso Araque Barriuso
  • PhD candidate in Branding
  • Startup co-founder at Cambridge Judge Business School
Dr Alexi Baker
  • Mellon-Newton Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities [CRASSH]
Dr Frederick Baker
  • Research Affiliate, Cambridge University Centre for Film and Screen
  • Director of the Cambridge University - Picturing Austrian Cinema Symposium
  • Dissemination Researcher, Cambridge University, Digital Schnitzler Project.
  • Curator and founder of the McDonald Institute Gallery for Digital Archaeology
  • Co-Director of the Cambridge University Prehistoric Picture Project
  • Film Director & Producer, Media Europa Ltd, London & Filmbäckerei, Vienna
Katy Barrett
  • PhD, Board of Longitude
  • Co-Convener, 'Things' CRASSH Graduate Research Group
Hal Blackburn
  • Senior Software Developer, Cambridge Digital Library
Dr Alan Blackwell
  • Reader in Interdisciplinary Design, Computer Laboratory
  • Director of the Crucible network for research in interdisciplinary design
Dr Roberta Borghero
  • Affiliated Researcher, Semitic Linguistics
Dr Katherine Boyle
  • Research Facilitator, Department of Archaeology & Anthropology
  • Homerton College (Fellow and College Lecturer in Archaeology, Director of Studies HSPS Part I, Part II Archaeology & Biological Anthropology)
Kevin Bradley
  • Computer Officer, HSPS
Dr Michael Bravo
  • University Senior Lecturer in Geography
Dr Mark Chinca
  • Reader in Medieval and Early Modern German Literature
  • Department of German and Dutch
Dr Sally K Church
  • Tutor and International Student Liaison Officer, Wolfson College
  • DOS and Supervisor at Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Dr Donal Cooper
  • University Lecturer in Italian Renaissance Art
Dr Orietta Da Rold
  • University Lecturer
  • Fellow at St John’s College.
Dr Adel Daoud
  • Research Fellow in Political Economy
Professor Nicholas de Lange
  • Emeritus Professor of Hebrew and Jewish Studies
Dr Sophie Defrance
  • Rare Books department, Cambridge University Library
Dr Leigh Denault
  • Fellow and Director of Studies in History
Dr Paola Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco
  • Marie Curie Post-doctoral Fellow at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
Dr Lukas Engelmann
  • Visual Plague, Researcher
Dr Amy Erickson
  • Senior Research Associate, Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure
Dr Alexander Etkind
  • Reader in Russian Literature and Cultural History
Dr Nicholas Evans
  • Visual Plague, Researcher
Dr Roxane Farmanfarmaian
  • Principal Investigator, University of Cambridge-Al-Jazeera Media Project
  • Affiliated Lecturer & Sr. Research Assoc., Department of Politics and International Studies
Dr Lucy Farr
  • Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
Jennie Fletcher
  • Digital Library Developer, UL
Rolf Fredheim
  • PhD candidate, Memory at War
Dr Rupert Gatti
  • University Teaching Officer, Faculty of Economics
Professor Simon Goldhill
  • Director, CRASSH
  • Professor in Greek Literature and Culture
Dr Mark Gotham, Music Information Retrieval Group
  • Affiliated Lecturer, Faculty of Music;
  • Affiliated Researcher, Centre for Music and Science;
  • College Lecturer and Director of Music-Making, Churchill College;
  • Director of Music, Murray Edwards College;
  • Director of Studies in Music, Murray Edwards College;
  • Co-ordinator, Inter-collegiate Choral Award Scheme.
Dr Aline Guillermet
  • Junior Research Fellow in Visual Studies
  • King's College
  • University of Cambridge
Emma Hacking
  • Research Grants Administrator, Visual Representations of the Third Plague Pandemic
Dr Allègre L Hadida
  • University Lecturer in Strategy and Creative Leadership
  • Fellow of Magdalene College
+44 (0) 1223 339612
Dr Michael Hawkins
  • Research Associate, Casebooks
Carl Hogsden
  • Research Associate, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
Dr Ruth A Horry
  • Research Associate, Dept. of History & Philosophy of Science
Professor Sylvia Huot
  • Professor of Medieval French Literature
Dr Ewan Jones
  • Concept Lab Research Associate
Huw Jones
  • Metadata Specialist and Project Manager, UL
Dr Christopher Kaplonski
  • Senior Research Associate, Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit
Dr Lauren Kassell
  • Reader in the History of Science and Medicine in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science - Director of The Casebooks Project
Melanie Leggatt
  • Course Director, Certificate in Humanities Computing for Languages
Dr Rachel Leow
  • Lecturer in History
Dr Christos Lynteris
  • Senior Research Associate
  • Visual Representations of the Third Plague Pandemic (ERC PI)
Dr Jonathan Mair
  • Mellon/Newton Postdoctoral Fellow, CRASSH
  • Member, Mongolia & Inner Asia Studies Unit
  • Lecturer in Social Anthropology, Manchester University
Dr Ella McPherson
  • ESRC Future Research Leader Fellow, Department of Sociology
Dr Francesca Menichellli
  • Technology and Democracy Research Associate
Sonia Morcillo García
  • Hispanic Specialist, Cambridge University Library
Dr Laura Moretti
  • Lecturer in Pre-modern Japanese Studies
Dr Annamaria Motrescu-Mayes
  • Affiliated Lecturer and Research Associate, Centre of South Asian Studies
  • Affiliated Lecturer, Department of Social Anthropology
  • Research Fellow, Tutor, Clare Hall
  • University of Cambridge
Professor John Naughton
  • Vice-President, Wolfson College
Dr Annja Neumann
  • Research Associate: Schnitzler Digital Edition Project
  • Affiliated Lecturer at the Department of German and Dutch
  • Senior Research Fellow in German of Magdalene College
Dr Mary Newbould
  • College Research Associate and Bowman Supervisor in English, Wolfson College, Cambridge
Dr Galina Nikiporets-Takigawa
  • Special Consultant in Linguistics and Quantitative Analysis, Memory at War
Professor Maria Nikolajeva, FEA
  • Professor of Education
  • Director, Research and Teaching Centre for Children's Literature
John Norman
  • University Information Services (UIS)
Dr Paul Nulty
  • Research Associate at the Concept Lab
Dr Ben Outhwaite
  • Head of the Genizah Research Unit, Cambridge University Library
Dr Alison Pearn
  • Associate Director, Darwin Project
Kate Perry
  • Archivist Emeritus, Girton College
Dr Branwyn Poleykett
  • Visual Plague, Researcher
Dr Mara Polgovsky
  • Junior Research Fellow, Queens' College
  • Centre of Latin American Studies
  • Department of Spanish & Portuguese
  • Faculty of Modern & Medieval Languages
Katherine Powlesland
  • PhD Student
  • Co-ordinator, Cambridge Digital Humanities Early Career Researchers group
Dr Rob Ralley
  • Research Associate, Casebooks Project
Professor Susan Rankin, FBA
  • Professor of Medieval Music
Dr Gabriel Recchia
  • Concept Lab Research Associate
Dr Gethin Rees
  • Research Associate, Centre for Advanced Religious and Theological Studies
Dr John Regan
  • Concept Lab Research Associate
Dr Paola Ricciardi
  • Research Scientist, The Fitzwilliam Museum
Professor John Rink
  • Professor of Musical Performance Studies
  • Director, AHRC Research Centre for Musical Performance as Creative Practice
01223 746413
Dr Paul Russell
  • Head of Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic
Dr Jason Scott-Warren
  • Director, Cambridge Centre for Material Texts
Dr David Scruton
  • Documentation and Access Manager, Fitzwilliam Museum
Professor Jim Secord
  • Director, Darwin Correspondence Project
Dr Leigh Shaw-Taylor
  • Deputy Director of the Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure
Dr Vid Simoniti
  • Junior Research Fellow at Churchill College
Professor Alison Sinclair
  • Professor of Modern Spanish Literature and Intellectual History
Pamela Jane Smith
  • Research Fellow, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
Dr Sharath Srinivasan
  • David and Elaine Potter Lecturer
  • Director, Centre of Governance and Human Rights
Sally Stafford
  • Education and Outreach Officer, Darwin Project
Professor Nicholas Thomas
  • Professor of Historical Anthropology
  • Director of the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
Zilan Wang
  • Director, Cambridge Rivers Project
  • Research Associate, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
Professor Andrew Webber
  • Co-Director, Digital Humanities Network
  • Head of Department
  • Professor of Modern German and Comparative Culture
Dr Hope Wolf
  • Research Fellow in English, Girton College
Professor Chris Young
  • Professor of Modern and Medieval German Studies
  • Department of German and Dutch
Dr John T Young
  • Research Associate, Casebooks
Mary Zhang
  • PhD Student, Psychology
Dr Andrew Zurcher
  • Fellow, Queen's College