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Dr Mark Chinca

Dr  Mark Chinca

Reader in Medieval and Early Modern German Literature

Department of German and Dutch

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Kaiserchronik Project:

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Research Interests

Mark Chinca works on medieval and early modern German literature. He is the author or editor of books on Gottfried von Strassburg 1993; 1997), the classical period of medieval German literature (2000), orality and literacy in the Middle Ages (2004), and medieval short stories (2006). Currently he is finishing a book provisionally entitled Remember your last end: Texts and the meditation of death in western Christianity, from Bonaventure to Luther.

From 2012-2017 he is collaborating with Christopher Young (Cambridge) and Jürgen Wolf and Jürg Fleischer (Marburg) on a major research project funded by the AHRC: The Kaiserchronik: Literature and History in the German Middlge Ages. As well as producing the first-ever critical edition of all three recensions of the Kaiserchronik, one of the most extensive and influential vernacular chronicles of the German Middle Ages, the project will digitize the chronicle's entire manuscript transmission and make it available on open access with accompanying transcriptions.

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