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Dr Mark Gotham Music Information Retrieval Group

Dr Mark Gotham, Music Information Retrieval Group

Affiliated Lecturer, Faculty of Music;

Affiliated Researcher, Centre for Music and Science;

College Lecturer and Director of Music-Making, Churchill College;

Director of Music, Murray Edwards College;

Co-ordinator, Inter-collegiate Choral Award Scheme.

Research projects & themes

Music Information Retrieval:

Departments and Institutes

Affiliated Lecturer

Research Interests

Mark Gotham established the Music Information Retrieval Group in 2017 to act as a point of coordination for students and researchers who are keen to get involved in collaborative MIR research. So far, the group has included members from the Faculties of Music, Computer Science, and Engineering, as well as external collaborators from other universities and Microsoft Research.

The primary research focus has been on MIR from scores and audio; there have also been related projects in automatic composition (most notably, 'Bachbot'), and there are now plans for a major, international collaboration on motion capture (retrieving information from musicians' movements).

The group is committed to the wider utility of its projects. Proposals which include a commitment to teaching, outreach, and accessibility are particularly welcome.

Please contact Dr Gotham if you wish to know more or get involved.

Key Publications

Gotham, M. and M. S. Cuthbert (2018, in press): ‘Species or Specious? On the ‘Rules’ of Intervals and Range in Early Music (1300–1600), in Quinn and Shanahan eds The Oxford Handbook of Corpus Study, O.U.P.

Gotham, M. (2018, in press): ‘Towards a Cognitively-Based Quantification of Metrical Dissonance’, in Doffman, Payne, and Young eds The Oxford Handbook of Time in Music, O.U.P.

Gotham, M. (2018, in press): ‘Attractor Tempos in Brahms 2/iii’, (accepted and in press with Music Theory Spectrum).

Liang, F., Gotham, M., Johnson, M., and Shotton, J. (2017): ‘Automatic stylistic composition of Bach chorales with deep LSTM’. ISMIR 2017.

Gotham, M. (2017). ‘Hierarchy and position usage in mixed metres’. Journal of New Musicological Research, 46/2.

Gotham, M. and Gunn, I. (2016). ‘Pitch Properties of the Pedal Harp, with an Interactive Guide’, Music Theory Online, 22/4.


Selected writing for a public audience:

Gotham, M. (2017): ‘Open Scores, Open Music: New Digital Possibilities’, Classical Music Magazine.