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We use the prefix 'Re:' to convey a basic strategy for transforming our Enlightenment inheritance. The Project is 'about' Enlightenment in that it examines how new technologies and research tools are transforming our understanding of what the Enlightenment was and how it worked. At the same time, that new knowledge of the past speaks back to the present, identifying features of Enlightenment that we should work to recharge, reconstitute, reform, or reject.  The Project is thus in one sense an effort to assemble something new by reassessing and learning from the old.  Enlightenment emerged in the eighteenth century from then innovative ways of mediating relationships among individuals, groups, and technologies.  These entailed changes in infrastructure, such as the post office and the roads that enabled it, in genres and formats, such as newspapers and magazines, in protocols, such as copyright, and in associational practices, such as the societies and clubs that transformed public and private life.

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